Project Submission
  1. Collect Basic project information
  2. Contact us and receive counselling
  3. Fill out a Declaration of Intent
  4. Submit the Declaration of Intent to the DFG
  5. Register to the DFG portal
  6. Contact the NCCT and discuss the pre-filled counselling report
  7. Send a full application to the DFG including the counselling report
  8. Await approval by the DFG
  9. Request an offer from us
  10. Sign the offer and send it back
  11. Submit the filled sample sheet to us
  12. Await sequencing analysis by us
  13. Access the results via our portal
  14. Process the invoice you recieve from us
  15. Send us your feedback
Questions we will ask you:
  • What is the aim of your project?
  • How many samples do you have?
  • How many replicates are planned?
  • What is your sample type? (e.g. library, DNA/RNA, blood, stool,...)
  • Are your samples GMO, do they present a biosafety risk?
  • Which species are you working on? (e.g. human, mouse etc)
  • Is bioinformatics analysis needed? If yes, to what degree?
Optional Questions:
  • Which technology should be used? (e.g. Illumina/Pacbio/Nanopore/10x)
  • How do you plan to apply the sequenced data? (e.g. WGS, exome, metagenome,...)
  • What is the desired sequencing depth? (coverage or output in Gb/sample or Mio Reads/sample)