How does QBiC work?

The Quantitative Biology Center provides a one-stop-shop for access to high-throughput technologies in the life sciences and the required bioinformatics analysis.

We assist you in the planning of your projects, realize them together with our member labs, annotate and integrate your data in our easy-to-use web-based services and smart data solutions. As a bioinformatics core facility, we provide advanced data analysis techniques to help you achieve your project goals.


What is QPortal?

QBiC offers you a web-based science gateway called Qportal to keep your experiments at one place in good shape. Qportal is the single point of entry for large-scale quantitative studies spanning the whole range of OMICS technologies, as well as for consulting and design of experiments.


QBiC provides following services:

Next generation sequencing (NGS) of DNA and RNA : Generation of sequencing libraries · Multiplexing of libraries · Sequencing runs using Illumina instruments

Proteomics : Quantitative shotgun proteomics · Quantitative targeted proteomics · Analysis of posttranslational modifications

Metabolomics : Quantitative profiling of metabolites · Targeted metabolomics

Data management & IT : Transfer, storage, and user-authorized access to large OMICS data · Web-portal-based data access to data and analysis pipelines · Compute cluster (HPC) for data analysis and integration.

Analysis and Visualization : Comprehensive analysis workflows · Web-portal-based data visualization · Statistical assessment and support in biological interpretation.

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